America Needs a National Vacation Policy

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America is an amazing country, full of opportunity and freedom, and the biggest celebration of our freedom and independence is only a few days away. Many Americans will be vacationing, spending time with friends and family, BBQing, and blasting fireworks, all to commemorate freedom.

But, there is a not so celebratory reality about holidays and vacation time in America. We are the only developed country in the world which doesn’t require companies to give employees time off. Which means for some Americans, it will be difficult or impossible to participate in this weekend’s celebration of freedom.


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See, not so celebratory.

On top of having no vacation rights from our government or the law, many American workers who have time off are too worried to take it. An article released by CNN last year described five reasons why American workers skip vacation days. It turns out that many people are worried about their job security and some are already overworked so any time out of the office means even more work when they return.

Here are a few other eye-opening statistics facing American workers:

American Worker Holiday

So, raise your flag this weekend with the Caboh team if you believe that vacation time in America should be a right, not a privilege!

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