America Needs a National Vacation Policy

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America is an amazing country, full of opportunity and freedom, and the biggest celebration of our freedom and independence is only a few days away. Many Americans will be vacationing, spending time with friends and family, BBQing, and blasting fireworks, all to commemorate freedom.

But, there is a not so celebratory reality about holidays and vacation time in America. We are the only developed country in the world which doesn’t require companies to give employees time off. Which means for some Americans, it will be difficult or impossible to participate in this weekend’s celebration of freedom.


american worker paid leave

See, not so celebratory.

On top of having no vacation rights from our government or the law, many American workers who have time off are too worried to take it. An article released by CNN last year described five reasons why American workers skip vacation days. It turns out that many people are worried about their job security and some are already overworked so any time out of the office means even more work when they return.

Here are a few other eye-opening statistics facing American workers:

American Worker Holiday

So, raise your flag this weekend with the Caboh team if you believe that vacation time in America should be a right, not a privilege!

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Center for Economic and Policy Research, CNBC, The Atlantic

New Caboh Groups Make Teamwork a Breeze


We are excited to announce our new Caboh groups!

This new feature allows teams, departments, groups, or clubs to communicate and collaborate within their own shared workspace. Our fresh look offers a clean and responsive design with an all new navigation menu and group activity feed.


Screen Shot 2015-05-27 at 1.55.30 PM


Help bring order and simplicity to teamwork. Check out the many benefits of new Caboh groups!


Organize group work, with everything in one place

Successfully working together requires a lot of communication and resources, which can all be scattered across many different platforms/tools. Caboh’s goal is to alleviate the collaboration challenges that many teams face by bringing order and simplicity to the way teams work.


Simplify communication with new group sharing

Your team can communicate more effectively by instantly sharing resources or ideas and receiving timely feedback. Sharing can be as simple as the click of a button!


Keep everyone in the loop by capturing all team activity

The new activity stream creates an interactive timeline for all the communication happening within a group.


Easily manage, store, and recover shared resources

Group file sharing provides a common place for team members to quickly share and access any of their resources.


Caboh Best Practices



Your first experience with any new software can be intimidating. Then, add an entire team to that experience and it can suddenly become quite daunting.

We understand the challenges of getting everyone onboard with something new. So, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your team’s new collaboration space.


  1. During implementation, leverage how your team already works together.

Don’t get overwhelmed. Caboh offers a variety of features to support the way your team naturally works together. You can slowly integrate your team’s work habits into Caboh by focusing on one feature at a time. It helps to start with a feature that is familiar and directly impacts daily workflow.

For example, if your team relies heavily on chat for daily communication, implement just this feature until everyone is onboard.


  1. Encourage your team to take advantage of integrations.

For example, everyone can easily connect Drop Box to their Caboh file system in order to quickly gain access to all their important documents.


  1. Create and join groups to make sharing with others easier.

Groups are important and versatile because they can represent departments, projects, teams, or clubs. Caboh uses custom sharing to personalize each user experience, and as a shortcut, you can select a group name to quickly share with all the members of that group.


  1. Replace internal email communication with Caboh’s threaded discussions.

Discussions are a great way to collaborate! Upload, share, and discuss anything (like a file, video, picture, or link) with groups or individuals.

Help your team avoid time-consuming email reply threads, which make it impossible to keep up with ongoing conversations.

Hint: Anyone on your team who still relies on email to communicate won’t be left out. Email notifications and digests help you stay on top of any Caboh activity (like a new discussion).


  1. Upload the company website or blog RSS to your Caboh Dashboard.

This customization displays company news and updates for everyone with little effort. Once your blog or website is integrated with Caboh, it will update automatically and no one will have to leave Caboh to find the information they need.


New Product Video

We are so excited to share our new product video! It’s a quicky. Only 45 seconds long and very high level (the way it should be).

We have been experimenting with online video tools for a while, and found PowToon to be a very straight-forward and fun tool for crafting our first explainer video.  Thanks Guys!

Caboh plans to add many more videos to our content collection. Because let’s face it, videos are way more fun, interesting, and exciting than most other forms of content.

So, here it is. Enjoy!


Learning Experiences from SXSW



The Caboh team was so excited to get out of the office for SXSW this year to mingle with awesome people, learn a lot, share ideas, and heckle all the out-of-towners. And now, we can proudly say we accomplished all of those things, and survived the whirlwind of an experience that is SX.

So, since the crowds have died down and the hype is over, it is time to revitalize our hazy memories and reflect upon the moments that resonated with us the most.

On the first day of Interactive we encountered a minor setback/crisis involving a delayed side effect of food poisoning. Apparently bad oysters can not only ruin your stomach; they can cause you to break out in hives several days later. Go figure. We tried not to let this moment resonate in our SX memories, but (since we were previously unaware of this phenomenon) it will now be considered a learning experience worth sharing. So, you’re welcome.

After the skin scare, we made our way to the convention center to listen in on a featured session. The topic piqued our interest with it’s enticing name “Jedi Mind Tricks for Entrepreneurs”, and we were pleasantly surprised by the speaker, Nicole Glaros from TechStars, who was very engaging and energetic.

This session provided some helpful advice, which aimed to encourage leaders or really anyone wanting to better themselves and their team.

Here are some top points:

  • Mentally picture yourself achieving your goal over and over again
  • You can be direct and honest while being nice about it!
  • Scrum boards create team transparency and help slackers self-correct
  • Be comfortable admitting failure, and pick up your team when they fall
  • Company expense reports should be public – “Guess who’s not flying first class anymore!”, she says.

The next day, we attended another featured session, which proved to be well worth our time. The title was “Creating a Digital Engagement Strategy for Leaders” and Charlene Li, an author and highly sought after speaker, lead the presentation, which nicely summarized her new book “The Engaged Leader”.


Here are some of the highlights:

  • Leaders can and should scale their online listening habits to engage in meaningful interactions
  • There is value in interactions, especially digital interactions,  even if you can’t measure them
  • Sharing shapes relationships, you have to inspire people to follow you!
  • Apply the right tools for your digital engagement goals and strategy

Finally, on the last day of  SX Interactive, we attended a presentation based upon the book “The Innovator’s DNA: Mastering the Five Skills of Disruptive Innovators” and featuring speaker, Hal Gregersen, a co-author and leadership member of MIT.


This session was, in my opinion, the most inspiring of them all. Maybe it was the speaker’s obvious passion and excitement for the topic, but when it was over, I felt like I could accomplish anything. Hal not only shared personal experiences along with helpful real world examples, he engaged with his audience through active participation that never felt awkward or forced.

Here are the five skills he shared from his book, which help drive innovation:

  • Questioning
  • Observing
  • Networking
  • Experimenting
  • Associating

In conclusion, the Caboh team claims this year’s SXSW Interactive to be a success, for it helped us discover a lot of unknowns. Some were useful, some interesting, and some just downright bazaar (just Google “Bina48″ and you’ll understand). But, in the end, we are so thankful to get to share some of the learning experiences we picked up during our journey.

Until next year SX! (without the oysters)




Welcome to Workplace Paradise!


Greetings from Caboh, your workplace paradise!

At Caboh, we believe working together should be fun, so we have made it our mission to connect people to each other and their work in the most exciting and creative ways possible. Our team chose this mission to help companies who are struggling to find the right balance of collaboration and productivity. Everyday, we strive to give our users an amazing experience, which makes their job easier and more enjoyable.

We have a small and fabulous team working together to craft the perfect product!

Tyler Pugh is our lead software developer. He graduated from St. Edwards University in Austin with a BA in Computer Science. In his spare time, Tyler likes to buy useless domain names for their comedic effect, while drinking a home-brewed pale ale. He also works with a music promotion network called Scoremore, and dreams of becoming the next white boy rapper.

Brian Traudt is our Vice President of Business Development.  He spent the last three years at Bypass Mobile as VP of Client Services and focused on implementing modern payment systems for sports & entertainment venues.  Before Bypass, Brian founded a SAP consulting company, which he sold after eight successful years. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, writing, and listening to live music.

Alicia Barron is our sales and customer care representative. She is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas,but graduated from St. Edwards University as a theater major. She began her musical theater career as a performer and choreographer, and her favorite experience was dancing on tour with a rock band. In her spare time, Alicia enjoys collecting miniature items and eating copious amounts of cheese.

And, my name is Haley Campbell. I am heading up marketing and lead generation for Caboh. I moved to Austin after graduating from University of Houston with a BBA in Marketing. In my free time I enjoy outdoor activities, listening to live music, and heckling hipsters.

We love Austin and are super excited to enter the tech startup world here! Go Caboh!