Engage People with Meaningful Connections


Employee engagement begins with a web of meaningful connections. Connections to people. Connections to information. Connections to goals and results. Connections lead to openness and transparency in workplace operations. Connections increase responsibility and make people more accountable for their actions. Connections provide a support system for employees and make them feel valued.

Connections are the necessary links which define each person’s role and bring clarity to their purpose within a team.

Understanding their role and purpose is what makes people self-responsible and enables them to carry out what is expected of them. Without a clear understanding of their role within a team, people fail to perform effectively because they lack direction and confidence.

Professionals, especially top talent, desire to take pride in their work and strive to be a valued contributor of a team, but they can be left helpless and frustrated when they are alienated from internal communication, goals, and vital resources. These connections, specifically, are so critical to employee engagement because they directly link an individual to their company’s purpose.

Relationships are also extremely important links which help support people and connect them to their company in a more personal way. Relationships create a sense of camaraderie and make teams more confident and committed to being successful.

According to a Gallup study, having a best friend at work is one of the “12 traits of highly productive workgroups.” This finding is significant because it reveals that loyalty between coworkers can be the strongest connection people rely on within a company.  Having a friend as a teammate can give a stronger sense of security because this relationship offers positivity and support. But, if people belong to a well-connected workplace environment, they won’t need the extra security of a best friend at work.

The Great Place to Work Institute (GPTWI) explains that:

A great workplace is measured by the quality of three, interconnected relationships that exist there:

  • The relationship between employees and management.
  • The relationship between employees and their jobs/company.
  • The relationship between employees and other employees.

In order for these interconnected relationships to occur, leaders must facilitate a supportive and communicative workplace environment. This environment should be a place where people can find common ground and feel equal to one another. The right environment will allow people to connect with what or who they need in a natural way, which is enabled by leadership, not initiated by them. The goal of this environment should be to allow people within the organization to experience their job with more control and confidence, so they are ultimately more engaged.

Caboh is a connection tool for companies, organizations, or teams to provide a better support system for their members. At Caboh, we value effective communication and strive to provide an engaging environment which promotes collaboration and productivity. Our main focus is to connect people to each other and their work in the most exciting and creative ways possible!


Welcome to Workplace Paradise!


Greetings from Caboh, your workplace paradise!

At Caboh, we believe working together should be fun, so we have made it our mission to connect people to each other and their work in the most exciting and creative ways possible. Our team chose this mission to help companies who are struggling to find the right balance of collaboration and productivity. Everyday, we strive to give our users an amazing experience, which makes their job easier and more enjoyable.

We have a small and fabulous team working together to craft the perfect product!

Tyler Pugh is our lead software developer. He graduated from St. Edwards University in Austin with a BA in Computer Science. In his spare time, Tyler likes to buy useless domain names for their comedic effect, while drinking a home-brewed pale ale. He also works with a music promotion network called Scoremore, and dreams of becoming the next white boy rapper.

Brian Traudt is our Vice President of Business Development.  He spent the last three years at Bypass Mobile as VP of Client Services and focused on implementing modern payment systems for sports & entertainment venues.  Before Bypass, Brian founded a SAP consulting company, which he sold after eight successful years. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two children, writing, and listening to live music.

Alicia Barron is our sales and customer care representative. She is originally from Little Rock, Arkansas,but graduated from St. Edwards University as a theater major. She began her musical theater career as a performer and choreographer, and her favorite experience was dancing on tour with a rock band. In her spare time, Alicia enjoys collecting miniature items and eating copious amounts of cheese.

And, my name is Haley Campbell. I am heading up marketing and lead generation for Caboh. I moved to Austin after graduating from University of Houston with a BBA in Marketing. In my free time I enjoy outdoor activities, listening to live music, and heckling hipsters.

We love Austin and are super excited to enter the tech startup world here! Go Caboh!