The most enjoyable way to work.

At Caboh, we believe working together should be fun, so we have made it our mission to connect people to each other and their work in the most exciting and creative ways possible.

Our team chose this mission to help businesses who are struggling to bring their team together with the right balance of collaboration and productivity-focused activities. Everyday, we strive to give our users an amazing experience, which makes their job easier, more effective, and more enjoyable.

Window to All Activity

Our customizable dashboard gives each user a unique and engaging experience, which helps them quickly view and access relevant news, updates, and information.


Secure File Sharing

We know how important security is to our users, and we take pride in supplying the best services available for cloud-security. That way your team can confidently store and share all of their important documents!


Real-time Communication and Collaboration

Collaboration is made simple with our task management tool, which allows teams to collectively plan out the most efficient way to accomplish goals. And a chat tool with real-time status updates is available for teams to engage in quick and to-the-point communication.


A Social Resource Library

Our discussion board provides a social and engaging place for teams to learn from each other, share their ideas, and ask questions. Post and share any resource you find useful to your team!


Company Directory

More than just your ordinary contact list. We provide enriched user profiles with background information, roles, and skills recognition in order to create a more valuable way for teams to connect with each other on a personal level.


Why use Caboh?

Increase Productivity

Allow everyone to accomplish more throughout the day by simplifying the task sharing process within teams. And give employees an easy way to stay organized and focused on their own tasks, while collaborating with each other to accomplish company goals.

Create Transparency

Bring more visibility to company activity by providing employees with a collaborative environment where they can openly communicate, share resources, and plan out their work day according to the needs of their team.

Engage Employees

Let employees personalize their work experience by subscribing to company activity which is directly relevant to them. And, make employees feel appreciated and recognized for their achievements by showcasing important milestones in their career, like acquiring a new skill.

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Caboh Announces Private Beta Trial

Austin-based software start-up Caboh announced their private beta trial today, July 22. Caboh is a cloud-based application that combines connectivity and productivity tools in one personalized platform.

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